This world will not change easily, but I am determined to work on the behalf of others.  Please consider supporting the efforts of those already working in these areas that I’m passionate about:

  1. Helping others know God and make Him known throughout the world at The Navigators and companion organization B2G.  Using my knowledge of how powerful individual relationships are in someone’s life to help set up mentoring networks.
  2. Combat the sexual exploitation of children by addressing individual cases with Tiny Stars/Global Centurion or support national and international initiatives through Ecpat.
  3. Develop active relational communities supported online.  If you get to know your neighbors online it can facilitate relationships in real life.  I’ve established a social network for my community, Hawthorne Reserve at
  4. Explore the oceans.  One year of funding at NASA is over 3 times larger than that for NOAA (source). 95% of  71% of the worlds surface has yet to be explored…  Be a part of exploring one of the last real frontiers on earth!
  5. Make small loans to those hoping to live a better life at Kiva or to help out schoolteachers at DonorsChoose.
  6. Preserve democracy.  Do not fear.  Work so that freedom will live and your voice will be heard.  Know how to contact your congressmen and women.

I believe the internet and those individuals who learn to leverage it have the ability to unite individuals toward a greater good. While there is always the chance that these same methods would be used by terrorists or for personal gain, I believe people want to use their power for good. Find a vision, plan to fulfill it, take action, and persevere. You might change the world!