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I am Robert Love.  I am currently working as an Airframe Design Engineer at General Atomics-Aeronautical Systems Inc.

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Journal Publications

  • Love, R. D. and Lind, R. “Time-Frequency Analysis of Aeroelastic Deformations of Flapping Wings”, submitted to International Journal of Micro Aerial Vehicles
  • Aluru, R., Gale, W. F., Chitti, S.V., Sofyan, N.I., Love, R. D., and Fergus, J.W., “Transient Liquid Phase Bonding of Dissimilar Nickel-Base Superalloys – Wettability, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties, Materials Science and Technology, vol. 24, pp. 517-528, 2008

Conference/Other Publications

  • Love, R. and Lind, R. “Experimentally-Based Aeroservoelastic System Identification and Feedforward Control of Flexible Flapping Wings”, Invited Paper, AIAA Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Conference, 2010
  • Love, R., Arroyo, A. and Schwartz, E., “Solar Ray: An Autonomous Solar-Powered Biomimetic Flapping-Wing Underwater Vehicle”, Florida Conference for Recent Advances in Robotics, 2010
  • Love, R. and Lind, R., “Identification of Aeroservoelastic Models from Experimental Flapping-Wing Deflections,” Invited Paper, AIAA Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Conference, 2009
  • Love, R., “Analysis of Aeroelastic Flapping-Wing Signals for Micro Air-Vehicles,” Masters’ Thesis, University of Florida, 2009
  • Wu, P., Ifju, P., Stanford, B., Sallstrom, E., Ukeiley, L., Love, R., and Lind, R., “An Experimental Study on Flapping Wing Aeroelasticity in Thrust Production,” AIAA Structures, Structural Dynamics and Materials Conference, 2009
  • Love, R., Lind, R., Wu, P., and Ifju, P., “Time-Frequency Analysis of Aeroelastic Deformations of Flapping Wings,” AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, 2009
  • Love, R. and Lind, R., “Time-Frequency Analysis of Aeroelastic Deformations of Flapping Wings,” AIAA Graduate Student Conference, Melbourne, FL, 2008
  • Love, R.D., “Pitch Divergence Suppression of a Subscale Wing in Ground Effect (WIG) Aircraft, AIAA Student Conference, Gainesville, FL, 2005
  • Aluru, R., Chitti, S.V., Sofyan, N.I., Krishnardula, V.G., Love, R.D., and Gale, W.F., “Diffusion Brazing of Dissimilar Nickel-Base Superalloys: Microstructure, Wettability and Mechanical Properties, 35th International Brazing and Soldering Conference, 2005
  • Payton, L.N., Chitti, S.V., Taarea, D.R., Sofyan, N.I., Gale, W.F., Butts, D.A., Aluru, R. and Love, R.D., “Hot-Stage Light Microscopy Studies of the Wettability of Nickel-Base Superalloys During Transient Liquid Phase Bonding, Joining of Advanced and Specialty Materials VI, p. 67-70, 2004

Research and Career Highlights

University of Florida: Flight Control Lab (AFOSR MURI/UF Alumni Fellowship), Dr. Rick Lind

Solar Ray: A Solar-Powered, Bio-Mimetic Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

Onboard Video of Flapping Wing Ornithopter (Ifly Vamp with Larger Wings)

Piezoelectrically-Actuated Composite Membrane Wing with Brad LaCroix, Peter Ifju (University of Florida) and Kevin Shortelle (System Dynamics International Inc.)

SigMatch_1_2_1_3_1_3 copy

Identification of Aeroservoelastic Models for Flapping Wings

Wavelet Analysis with Pattern Recognition for Various Signals (Flapping Deformations, Deflections, Ground Vibration Tests, Stock Prices, Music, Matlab/Python/Java)

Wavelet Transfer Functions (Magnitude and Phase Relationships for Time-Variant Systems)

Digital Image Correlation of Flapping Wings: Static Air and Wind Tunnel (Mechanism by Pin Wu)

Laser Doppler Vibrometer Testing of Carbon Fiber/Membrane Wings

voxel coloring of victory (nike) statue
3D Modeling and Surface Reconstruction from a set of images with Voxel Coloring: Paper

Multiple Webcam-Based Image Capture System and Image Processing (Matlab/Java/Python): Matlab Code for Sequential Webcam Capture

Biomechanics Characterization (with Dr. Bryan Conrad at UF Sports Performance Center)

Online Community Manager (Hawthorne Reserve, UF-MAE Graduate Engineering Mentorship Program)

Auburn University: AIAA Design, Build, Fly Team, Dr. Gil Crouse

Aerospace Engineering Senior Design: Co-Led DBF Team Designing Low Aspect Ratio Flying Wing, Design Report

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics: F-2 Program, Bradley Hatter

Production Line Support: Job Rotation throughout F-2 Program. Planning review of spar production: proposed process change capable of saving 6+ hours per composite front spar.  Tested dimensions of problematic fasteners, made useful map of wing locations and learned about aerospace/defense industry.

Auburn University: Adaptive Aerostructures Lab, Dr. Ron Barrett

Pitch Divergence Suppression of a Subscale Wing-in-Ground-Effect (WIG) Aircraft: Manufactured and tested WIG based on Graham Taylor’s Ekranoplan: Video, Presentation

Auburn Unversity: Materials Engineering Lab, Dr. William F. Gale

Joining of Ferritic Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Alloys (DOE-INEEL): Performed sample manufacture, bonding and creep testing.

Transient  Liquid  Phase  Bonding  of  Sheet  TiAl  Alloys (NASA GRC): Image analysis of superalloy spreading on various substrates with ImagePro Analysis Software.  Developed and implemented novel measurement techniques (manual and automated).

Materials Support for Nuclear Electric Propulsion (NASA Glenn/Boeing-Rocketdyne): Compilation of superalloy property database, sample preparation, and high-temperature bonding and oxidation studies.

Munitions  Delivery  by  Integrated  Groups  of  Biomimetic  Underground Systems (AFRL): Background research comparing features of various fossorial organisms.

Materials Engineering Senior Design: the DECO System: Robot Capable of Operating in Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Environment (Budget<$500 for everything w/o VHP Sensor)

Episcopal High School

Botball 2002, KIPR Robotic Competition: novel ball capture approach helped propel our team to 1st place regionally and 4th place nationally: Video, Awards